Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)

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  • Eu mesma sem entender tentando decifrar, a letra dessa linda música a tristeza envade meu coração... como eu pude cair na burrice de amar e não ser amada tentando sair fora e meu coração ❤️ insistindo em ficar olho para o lado ,olho para o outro mais não sei oque faZer....tô vivendo em um relacionamento que só eu vivo... porque ele mesmo já lavou suas belas mãos , mesmo assim eu não consigo sentir ódio nem rancor de uma pessoa dessa que só sabe se aproveitar da minha boa vontade ,Deus peço me de forças pra seguir em frente

  • To take that make-up away lifted this song to eternal prominence. Every artist with huge influence should do this at least once in their careers. ❤️

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  • Jhopeeee!!! gracias por recomendar esta hermosa cancion.

  • were they dating at that time?

  • Ariana grande and Taylor Swift i loveee youuuuu

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  • Who else wants to watch this movie again, but can't because it's so heartbreaking, that it destroys your soul and takes you forever to recover?

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  • Drinking alone & listening this...missing my ex so damn hurt & broken now but she dnt know😔 wish her the happiness in her life... I gave my all these time.....guess I wont be able to make up next time......!! Damnnn!! Ddnt knew that it'll hurt that much falling in love😅 have a great night beautiful people...

    • @Toro Elena XP Current PT thank you so much for your positive responses...very much appreciate it!! It's TRUE that a broken soul understand each other even though we are not meant to know each other....thanks

    • It's ok if your sad and .......broke ..... I'm broke too but many reasons.....

  • Lady Gargantuan!!

  • I just realised that in just 5 minutes, the number of views went up by 20000! Keep going guys, so we can get this to 1 billion!!! If we carry on at the rate we're going, we can reach 1 billion in just 3 months!

  • Essa musica so perde para bad romance

  • Makes me to cry

  • Lucas Guimarães kksskskk me lembro dele

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  • *Fact: An actor who can sing and a singer who could act*

  • Top 3 Country song hands down

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  • Ich bin ein 47 Jahre alter Mann ! Und ich liebe dieses Lied den Film und die Lieder vom Album... Danke ...


  • Juntos e Shallow now.

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  • Af homem gato do caralho, mulher gata da porra. Música boa

  • Let’s go for the 1,000,000,000 it will be Lady Gaga’s second song to break that amount of views.

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  • Ta errado è "juntos em shallow now" 👁👄👁

  • Compared to some other big name female singers like Cyrus she’s very down to earth and isn’t a performance merely an amazing song

  • Compared to some other big name female singers like Cyrus she’s very down to earth and isn’t a performance merely an amazing song

  • Paulit-ulit ko pa din pinapakingan to, kahit yung nagrecommend wala na.

  • Why was life so easy before 2020? But this makes it better lol🗿

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  • Qual o feminino de centavo?

  • I watched the movie again today Lady Gaga. They will never make another Star is Born movie ever again. You guys just did it to well. The movie you made moves me every time.

    • noble GTR32 Nothing wrong with my comment. I saw the Star is Born movie with Kris and Barb when I was very young. Its one of my favourites. I feel this one is better. What’s wrong with that?

    • funny comment considering its not just a remake but almost a direct copy of the original

  • Dear everyone that's reading this, we don't know each other but I wish you all the best in life and happiness 🍀🙏❤️

  • Didn't get into this song until I saw Roberta Battaglia sing it from AGT. here:

  • We should try to get the music video to a billion views... They deserve it.

    • I think it will get to a Billion views before the end of the year.