Lady Gaga - Is That Alright? (from A Star Is Born) (Official Audio)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Is That Alright?. © 2018 Interscope Records


  • God tier song.

  • acabei de assistir na globo agora sou seu fã lady gaga

  • Canta muito. Top Lady Gaga!

  • 1:28 These are the little details that make this song so heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time... so much passion

  • I’m playing this at my wedding idc 😭😭 I’m not even in a relationship in I’m already in love 😍

  • wow

  • Please don’t listen to this after a break up.

  • Ughhhhhhh

  • This song is so underappreciated. Repeat after me, THIS SONG IS UNDERAPPRECIATED

  • After watching A Star is Born, I am now a Gaga fan. She really showed the powerful range in her vocals. Kudos Lady Gaga!

  • Never give up

  • 16 years old Girl amazing cover !!! -


  • Love is for someone deserves is not for all

  • Listen again, now in love with somebody 😭💙

  • Hi, check out my cover of this amazing song !

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  • am i crazy or does this sound like natasha romanoff

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  • She deserves more respect than what I had give her credit for

  • I heard her sing songs before but never really listened until this soundtrack i can't wait to see the movie Girls got pipes i have cried on every song I heard from the movie

  • You are SO amazing woman. I love this song


  • 2020

  • Soy el comentario en español que buscabas^-^

  • Me hace llorar

  • guys check out the amazing karaoke of this song

  • ♥️

  • Ну я после голоса если че

  • My GOD 🤩

  • She is perfect, she is my GAGA!!!🤩.......

  • This song will be played at my funeral. I won't get married, I already lost my soulmate. And it seems like Im not able to feel that way again and I feel very sorry for everyone wasting their love on me, a dark hole consuming any love into nothing. It's so worse. But thats my package. And please don't tell me Im silly, I am not stupid and I know it's a classic to say that but times has changef and I know it and it's okay. Maybe I can make others happy. So if YOU still did not meet THE only one: If you ever have this feeling where you wish to already be an eternity together because you cant expect to be forever one. Fight! Dont let anyone or anything become between you both. Talk with each other, be honest and tell how you feel. Please! Do me and everyone else who already lost this person the favor, please I beg you. And then, play this song at your wedding and I wish you both all the luck and happiness you need. And once you are there: I AM REALLY REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU! you did it! Thank you. ❤

  • 😣😣😣😣😥😥😥😥😥😥😓😓😓😓😭😭😭😭😭😿

  • ❤✨

  • ❤️

  • Minha playlist de sofrencia tem nome e sobrenome: A star is born soundtrack

  • 💖

  • Beautiful song!!! 🥰



  • Tears

  • I'm here in the middle of october 2020 to feel the pain and cry again

  • Wow unbelievable voice thank you u sing from your soul

  • Gorg

  • I freakin' love this song! T_T

  • Omg LOVE IT

  • This song will never get old

  • Lyde gaga sou sua fã

  • Suscribanse a estos canales, vamos apoyar a los pequeños youtuber: Traba abeja: Traba la viuda: Traba abeja RD: ..

  • I'm 13 so I still am not able to watch this movie, but I love Lady Gaga's music so much I am a FANATIC!! And this song is LOVE IT!!!

  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘



  • It would be a good choice for a wedding song 🥰😍

  • This is the most beautiful song i've ever heard. Gaga is a legend.

  • 3¼mips...

  • My future wedding song, I swear

  • Our Song

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Producer: How many gays do you want to get married to this song? Lady Gaga: Yes.

  • Moving, woman/artist is beyond incredible this song her voice moves my soul!

  • This song is life put together. The happiness, the sadness, the love, the pain, the heartbreak and everything in one song! Is that alright?

  • Suicide will not condemn anyone to hell it's a painful process to believe that you are trying to deliver a message that cannot be received in any way . I understand that pain although we may not sometimes see how we fit into the puzzle the puzzle still understands us. Suicide will not land you in hell for eternal damnation . But it will give you a restart but there are no guarantees that that will be anything like the life you live today. Lady Gaga we've been together a long time I don't know if you know that but I can't wait to produce and share your new music with my relatives and the list is growing they're your relatives as well let me share a pain we are sharing love understanding and camaraderie we take turns falling down we pick each other up and we search for the meaning of it all. The answers will come as long as all the puzzle pieces are together period that is our mission please pass and share all of the music that is given to you. About the Creator


  • " i would be honored if you would take me as i am..." ah.. this song ❤


  • Trying to figure out the world❤ All your words like poems to me ❤

  • Gaga is a definition of a real artist 😢🙂

  • The saddest thing is that Ally was singing this song saying she wants Jackson to be there when SHE dies, but... 😭. No. I won't spoil it.

  • Go Lady Gaga. hip hip hurry you are very awesome and amazing at singing I loves your soft delicate vice it's like every word is inspired and motivate to listen and cry to. It's a shame that everyone can't sing a song with Lady Gaga. If it was possible that would be very honoured and interesting to sing a song with Fraya Ridding maybe one day 🤔. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND TAKE CARE EVERYONE 💖😷💖😷

  • Dos años después sigo llorando con esta canción, y vuelvo una y otra vez a escucharla. Two years later I continue to cry with this song, and I go back to listening to it again and again.


  • Just found this deleted scene, and now cue the cut onions. 😭

  • lady and galaxy

  • Questa canzone mi ha fatto piangere

  • My girlfriend and I want this as our first dance song... but we need 'a girl and a girl' .... 💕

    • Get a dj to edit 💖

  • Praying for Gaga to give her life to Christ.

  • Está mulher é 1000!!!

  • This song is amazing Is that allright?

  • Love this song, deepest, do you is apoetri of heart, soul, and have too much pure love! I want you forever in my house, your songs, energy... Thank you so much!!!!!😘💜💙❤🌷💐🌻⚘🌹👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


  • Amazing: Meaning: thanks god Give it like!

  • Cover Is THAT AlRIGHt Lady Gaga Love is so easy is THAT all right

  • Life is so simple A little boy, a little girl Laughing and loving Tryin' to figure out the world It felt like summer When I kissed you in the rain And I know your story But tell me again Nothing you say wouldn't interest me All of your words are like poems to me I would be honored if you would take me as I am I want you To look right in my eyes To tell me you love me To be by my side I want you At the end of my life I wanna see your face when I fall with grace At the moment I die Is that alright? Is that alright? I hope you're still with me When I'm not quite myself And I pray that you'll lift me When you know I need help It's a warm celebration Of all of our years I dream of our story Of our fairy-tale Family dinners and family trees Teachin' the kids to say, "Thank you, " and, "Please" Knowin' if we stay together that things will be right I want you To look right in my eyes To tell me you love me To be by my side I want you At the end of my life Wanna see your face when I fall with grace At the moment I die Is that alright? Is that alright? Is that alright?

  • Lady Gaga is without any doubt one of the very best entertainers of our time . I think she does her very best when stripped of her make up and sat down to a piano . No gimmicks , no dancers ... just a beautiful voice and a piano .

  • I cant even write the words i feel about this song its ..... beyond Words god bleesed us with a real angel WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!thank you Breath taking ..........

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  • those 48k who dislike this was idiots. I want to dedicate this song to the love of my life. Is that alright?


  • I lost my girlfriend a few months ago. She was my soulmate, she was the one and my mind will never change. 24 years young and she’s gone like that out of my life forever. This would have definitely been the song at our wedding if we had gotten married 💔

    • So sorry

    • I'm deeply sorry for your loss, Robert. Please know that her memory will always be with you, a part of you. You'll never be alone. It must hurt like nothing compares, I wish you the very best. Stay strong, for her and for yourself ❤

    • I feel sorry for you. I really hope you're doing well. It's seriously not easy to go on after an event like this.. It's very, very hard. And I can't know how deep and truely your love was. But if it was truely I hope you can't stand this pain and this lost one day. And I hope you find someone else, someone perfect for you. And I hope she won't leave you. Good luck! Good fucking luck, please be lucky.

  • My wife and I had our first dance to this song and it still gives me chills.

  • Is that all rigjt take me as I am want to see your face is that all right

  • ze is echt vet goed ik ben dankbaar dat zij zo mooi kan zingen

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  • Nobody can sing this song like her!

  • THE CHORUS is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lisa pham

  • ❤️

  • U were Cinderella under all that ~ u were were all ready notice l knew the real giu under it all love U whis l could meet you just ti said hi have a tea togetter to be friends that would ne amazing that would ne my wish ti gave you has a friend💖