Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Lady Gaga performing Perfect Illusion. (C) 2016 Interscope Records


  • This what all the corona conspiracy theorists r saying. But seriously how can u beat Lady Gaga 😍👏 Also every time I hear Dancin' in circles I think of Frozen ❄️

  • Mi gente apoyemos a mi bro Yovi Real 😎💪🏼

  • Vengo de parte de Yovi Real 😎💪🏼

  • I love god music

  • Who had to watch this for music hw ?

  • Man I love this song, so chaotic and perfectly sells the feeling when you’re partying.

  • you were so perfect


  • joanne era is a masterpiece

  • underrated bop

  • So nice.

  • Ai Gabi... Só sabe que viveu

  • I don't like this genre of music. It's all the same, all the chicks look the same, none can sing. Lady Gaga breaks the mold. The only way I can describe her is a beautiful alien, you're not quite sure why or what you're attracted to but you are. She is weird and strange, but normal is boring. Truly the most talented artist going round. Also, I love when that drum kicks in on her final chorus, that's the bit that gets me.

  • I love you Gaga

  • This song NEVER gets old


  • It was

  • beatifull song gaga

  • She's so relatable


  • Perfect Illusion deserved better

  • That's My girl

  • Love this video so much. It has such a great vibe to start my days.

  • Let’s be honest, you didn’t appreciate this masterpiece first time you heard it....

  • Lady gaga my queen you are perfect in every way. All true little monster will love what ever you do. Your are my idle

  • I love lady Gaga

  • This song is everything!

  • Was Kevin Parker playing the drums?! 👀

  • its been 4 years , now i understand the meaning of this song. my bad hhaaha lol

  • mama papa aa perfect illusion

  • Wow


  • Oh my god i think I'm in love with this sing ❤❤❤

  • This is posible the most underrated gaga 's singles

  • 4 yrs how

  • why can´t people just accept that she really loves music in general? That is why she does so many genres... starting with Pop/Dance and doing something different with Joanne (kind of Rock/Country) and singing Jazz with Tony... I don´t care what genre she will do next; I will listen to it and support her anyway becuz you can really tell that she lives for the music - and music means any genre there is - music is music. And she can pull off any genre... I actually hope that she will experiment more with different genres... she usually sets the trend... so I´m curious what this decade brings us :)

  • .

  • She makes me wana fight for what I want

  • 149.000.506 visualizaciones

  • Amazing song.

  • WOW

  • Cheguei

  • RIP

  • Shes suffering from pain & body spasm during this taping..... so much passion

  • It's incredible how lady gaga can make the songs that fit in me so right... My prefects illusions.... 😔😢

  • forever.

  • This is my favorite song of her.


  • I feel like this could be a classical song in the 2120

  • Most underated song ever

  • I love her and this was my jam once. Nowadays I listen to Rain on me

  • When I heard the key change I was like 😲😱🤯. Gaga stole my Weave for the 999th time!

  • This song will resonate with me forever. I fucking love this

  • You can hear better in speed 1.5

  • Gaga is beautiful

  • 2021?

  • How could they say Joanne has no pop? The most songs arr country pop and pop rock, like this.

  • Well now I see spots bc well my bad I'm honestly caught looking at the 🌞 that seemed gazeable

  • I love her natural beauty and who she is really is. It was brave and hard for her to this because she was so upset with herself and that her fans would hate it and be really mad but I love everything about her. She is a soldier with everything she has gone through. I love you so much. No matter what she decides to do, I know it will always be great and meaningful with her heart and passion. 🤍

  • eu amo tanto essa mulher

  • You have to quickly admit Biden, Jr's cheating & elections.

  • Lady gaga is the queen

  • It was a perfect illusion

  • Mistaken for love

  • The dislikes are from everyone named Alejandro

  • Pirei nessa música estrelinha

  • 2030 2030 2030 2030 2030 2030

  • Perfect song .love u

  • This video is basically an explosion of energy!

  • 🤘

  • I do like this.

  • i love when gaga's voice does that thing in that "LO O O VE" part.. like im IN LOVE WITH IT

  • Yall let this flop I hate humans

  • No matter how many times I watch this video, I never get tired of the raw emotion and powerful lyrics. 💘 you Gaga.

  • Shouldn’t this have a epilepsy warning?

  • THIS SONGGG !!!!11!1!

  • Hino que merecia mais.

  • i get tortured by my boyfriend. it feels like love

  • Mark ronson ?

    • Yes, 'cause he is also joins producing Joanne album too

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 👑Diosa👑

  • I may pay for that perfect illusion with my life now...thanks God, I'm still surviving...Cher said "do you believe in life after love?"...I have to say "I'm paying too much just because of love, I wish I can".

  • Its like this song explains my last crush

  • She is perfect, she is my GAGA!!!🤩..

  • She is perfect, she is my GAGA!!!🤩..

  • ecstasy=極楽浄土の「極楽」 何故ならば、私にとってレディガガは、女王ではなく、切迫した「衛」のミステリーを描くアーティストだから、この場合のecstasyは、極楽。 🎵born this wayは、「毒を持っていない人なんて居ないことを、女王は誰よりも知ってる」とも言える。 don't be が我は主なりである限り。 けれども、普通は乗り越えれる。 毒を糧にして。 所詮、人。 たった一人だけの問題で、自分自身の問題である。

  • Sempre bom reviver um clássico

  • OLD BUT GOLD 💛💛💛

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Quienes son de latinoamerica?

  • Amo essa mulher as músicas são muito gostosa de escutar

  • Joanne deserves better 😭

  • Eu amo essa música

  • I never felt so jealous of a drummer

  • Amo

  • Não era amor, era cilada

  • The Queen excels at everything she does and I am so pressed that this song isn't as famous as it should be. It's a fucking masterpiece.

    • Some people don't know good music,this shit is a whole fawking bop! Love me some Gaga!#ImGagaForGaga

  • Rainha

  • Como é que as Gays não deram valor à esse hino? Até hoje nunca cansei de ouvir