Lady Gaga, Metallica - Moth Into Flame (Dress Rehearsal for the 59th GRAMMYs)

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Ožu 2017.




  • This is so dumb why did even let her even join so dumb dude james was probably pissed off

  • metallica been around since 1981

  • Choreographing a stage dive and planting some guys in the audience to catch you is so metal!! lol

  • sounds just like i expected it sound...…Lady Gaga, stick with Pop, Metal doesn't need you...…She sooooooooooo does NOT fit here !

  • gat damn.

  • GAGA is a straight up metal head with amazing pipes!

  • I wonder what all the guys in metallicas wives were thinking with gaga shaking her ass on their husbands.

  • She has a great voice but I don't like how she sings out of tune or off key

  • Damn I like so much this video, this a voice of a real women 🤟🏼 James and lady good job

  • James has one of the greatest voices in rock hands down. And Gagas vocal range in infinite IMO. These two together are pure gold And that Guitar solo!!!!

  • Gaga slayed. Her vocals are so dynamic.

  • Let's see the women. Of pop top this

  • Okay... when is Lady Gaga going to release a Metal/Metal cover album? Her voice is perfect for it, and rock too!! And she has a naturally deep voice, so she could hit the low notes, which is perfect for Metal!! The genre complements her voice so well, and I think it is amazing how she was able to recover and help when James’ microphone stopped working!! And I love how she didn’t just stay in front, she made her way around and sang with Kirk, Lars and rob too!!

  • Oh. My. Gawd!! This is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Glad this version is on HRdown and not the crap version they aired on the TV


  • O I love this combination. it fits

  • As an old school metal head. This is quite impressive on both ends. Much respect.

  • Blacked out Pop queen, amphetamine The screams crashed into silence Tapped out Doused in the gasoline The high times going timeless Decadence Death of the innocence The pathway starts to spiral Infamy All for publicity Destruction going viral Light it up Ah, light it up Another hit erases all the pain Bulletproof Ah, kill the truth You're falling, but you think you're flying high High again Sold your soul Built a higher wall Yesterday Now you're thrown away Same rise and fall Who cares at all? Seduced by fame A moth into the flame Twisted Backstabbing wicked The delusion absolution Perjurer Fame is the murderer Seduce you into ruin Light it up Ah, light it up Another hit erases all the pain Bulletproof Ah, tell the truth You're falling, but you think you're flying high High again Sold your soul Built the higher wall Yesterday Now you're thrown away Same rise and fall Who cares at all? Seduced by fame A moth into the flame Burn Guarantee your name, you go and kill yourself The vultures feast around you still Overdose on shame and insecurity If one won't do that fistful will Death scene Black hearse the limousine A grave filled with seduction Vaccine Fame does the murdering She builds up for destruction So light it up Ah, light it up Another hit erases all the pain Bulletproof Ah, no excuse You're falling, but you think you're flying high High again Sold your soul Built the higher wall Yesterday Now you're thrown away Same rise and fall Who cares at all? Seduced by fame A moth into the flame Addicted to the Fame

  • Awesome!

  • Easy to forget that Metallica is not her backup band.

  • Shit was actually hard👍

  • Next Dua Lipa in collaboration with SepultuRA

  • James: Lars, I told you to stop bringing you sister to the shows. Lars: Aww, come one, James. Just one song and then I'll call her mom to come get her. James: Just this once, but never again. We have a reputation to maintain.

  • Gaga I knew had great voice. So much respect for her jamming with the best metal band on the planet.

  • Cringe.

  • Oh my! I can't stop myself from giggling... - R.O.M. (Raised On Metallica)

  • This is freaking awesome!

  • That was actually cool

  • Gaga ,is a dangerous influence,on Metallica🤔🤔🤔🤐🤐🤐😵😵😵🔥🔥🔥

  • Thank you Lady Gaga!


  • Fuck yeah!!!! Awesome

  • Please don't do that again! Train Wreck. Keep Metallica Real.

  • I love gaga, I love Metallica this was bad ass performance ❤️👏

  • Her face so close to James!!!! Aaahhhhh!! Kill me now! I loved it!!!


  • Being a huge metalhead, I cannot deny my respect for Lady Gaga's voice/some of her music even. And yeah, I am a huge sucker for them gorgeous Italian women too, Lol. Rock ON.....

  • Respect for gaga.

  • I normally hate collaborations like this but Lady Gaga is super talented. This was FUCKING AWESOME!! 🎸 🥁 🤘🏻

  • She looks uuhhhhhh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 why???? I just have never seen anyone dance like that to Metallics music before. Are those Pop Metal , Heavy Pop dance moves?

  • Am I the only Metallica fan who thinks they should hang it up? This last album had in reality 1 good song. Spit out the bone. The rest was forgettable.

  • Boooo 👎🏼

  • She fucking puts her all into it. Beautiful. Gaga

  • Hahahahahah fake crowd surf!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • What’s up with Katy perry fans in the back, wtf are they doing there

  • Gaga has evolved into my favorite singer. She seemed like a gimmick artist when she arrived but now a days she’s just a stone cold killer when she performs.

  • NOICE!

  • 2020.

  • Gaga, please drop pop music and record a metal album!!!

  • I'm Gaga over Gaga......

  • I think I liked Gaga more doing metal bands that her typical pop music...her voice fits better too

  • Holy bass!

  • The didn’t think it would work. I was wrong!

  • This was MUCH better than what I remember being the actual live show...

  • probably the coolest thing gaga ever did

  • Pretty sure Gaga could carry metallica at this point lol.

  • Goddamn she's a cute little shit...who woulda thought she was a closet metalhead?? Haha

  • lars fully embracing that he was born a garden gnome thus he should fully commit

  • That was amazing. LG missed her calling in life.. SHE IS METAL AS FK. She is SOOO HOT.

  • It's 09.08.2020, how the heck is this video under a million views?!

  • Why is there like 30 people in the crowd? Kinda odd cool performance though

  • Lol oh man I love how the on stage dancers don't have a lick of rhthym between them. It's like they were transported from an EDM concert into the Grammys stage and did not realize the music changed. You can tell when people have never really listened to rock music before.

  • Hell ya🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • i respect her ass

  • idiot or not,,,,,...... GREAT ASS!!!

  • she looks like an idiot up there dancing, you dont dance to metallica. i was at a show in the 90s and a college couple stared to dance at the beginning of a song, where the pit they stopped dancing , FAST

  • This is one of the best live songs ever with the exception of Nightwish. Hats off to Lady Gaga.

  • Seriously epic!!! Always been a huuge Metallica and Gaga fan! This made me happy when I first saw it. And again today :D

  • The best thing about this is Metallica!

  • They should do a whole album together

  • In no way should this work on any level, and yet...


  • I want Gaga to make a metal album!!

  • I never cared for Lady gaga but when I saw her sing the national anthem and now seeing her perform with Metallica i appreciate her vocal talent.

  • Uhm I’m ready for the tour

  • Lady Gaga is a goddess with the king's of metal

  • The people dancing on the back is kind of weird, but combining Metallica and Lady Gaga is a combination you never knew would work.

  • Wtf is this song about

  • Banned. This is an all time low. Your done.

  • Great stuff!!🤘🤘

  • they should have aired this instead.

  • Sure there’s the crazy talent, but let’s admit Gaga is smokin’ in this video.

  • why couldnt we just have a Metallica performance

  • Hellfire Mafia new video BREAKING GLASS now on HRdown !!!

  • Why would they let a horse perform with Metallica

  • Should have put some real Metallica fans on the stage and not the posers!


  • Gaga missed her calling.

  • Was this a re shoot? James' mic worked and he didn't throw his guitar at the end.

  • album....load reload shit...lulu anger crap...symphony garbage....only good thing in garage inc was garage days re-revisited....that try to come back coffin cover bullshit...and now this.....big fan for kill lightning puppets justice....the can lick my balls as soon the justice tour ended

  • I'm thinking how hard it was for lady gaga to compete with James voice, that's probably why they cut him off in the final performance

  • I wouldn't mind if Gaga had a metal band project of her own.

  • Goddamn! This video is so amazing! So much talent! I can't stop replaying

  • This is hideous 😖

  • gaga no hardcore dancing in the pit

  • After listening to Metallica for almost 2 decades I can tell that Lars Drums style is getting old now.

  • Back up dancers bouncing like they are listening to HIp Hop.... I feel so sorry for todays youth.

  • I like this, the only chick know how to mental, fuck I'm old enough to say rack-n-roll MOVE HER BODY TO EVERY instrument

  • I hate to see a great metal band with a bunch of dancers. Just doesn't fit!