Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Live from Jazz At Lincoln Center)

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Ruj 2014.
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  • 1111

  • Queen

  • ❤️

  • Please does anyone know the name of the pianist?

  • The control 👑

  • The person watching this in 2021 congrats you survived covid-19

  • Looks good wearing Cher's clothes 😃 sounds great singing Cher's song

  • Somebody pour me a bourbon......

  • Good...but trying a bit too hard....too intense....over emoting can kill a song like to nancy sinatra s deadpan much better

  • Nope!!!

  • My life isNOT ready for that much passion. U shot me down Gaga!

  • I was five and he was six We rode on horses made of sticks He wore black and I wore white He would always win the fight Bang bang, he shot me down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound Bang bang, my baby shot me down Seasons came and changed the time When I grew up, I called him mine He would always laugh and say "Remember when we used to play?" Bang bang, I shot you down Bang bang, I hit the ground Bang bang, that awful sound I used to shoot you down.. Music played and people sang... Not for me, no church bells rang! [Music Instrumental] NOW HE'S GONE, I DON'T KNOW WHY! AND 'TILL THIS DAY SOMETIMES I CRY! HE DIDN'T EVEN SAY GOODBYE.. HE DIDN'T TAKE THE TIME TO LIE. BANG BANG! I SHOT YOU DOWN. BANG BANG! HE HIT THE GROUND. BANG BANG! THAT AWFUL SOUND...! MY BABY SHOT.. Me down...

  • Como as pessoas não gostaram dessa era Jazz da Gaga?? Simplesmente impecável

  • 10.001th comment, wow

  • Its the middle of the night and im having a mother monster live performance marathon..

  • And she has the audacity to sing pop, smh

  • I fucking love her

  • She is soo like amyeonehouse

  • I have watched and listened to this rendition at least one hundred times. I am in tears every time. Lady Gaga is an amazing genius who surrounds herself with like minded people. 💜

  • ❤️

  • 2:45 and forward gives me lifeeeeeeee Now he’s gone I don’t know why

  • I love her "Bang! Bang!"

  • It's 2020, who's here👂

  • Love her!

  • This is what I call a performance

  • Please upload this to Spotify😭

  • Queen 👑

  • okay so wheres her jazz album??????

    • She has one with Tony bennett it's called cheeck to cheeck

  • These are hints that lady gaga.... WAS Amy Winehouse. It was a character she created. But when ppl wanted gaga on stage, she had to kill her characters... Winehouse was her fave. Watch interviews and see what u think.

  • THRILLER by Michael Jackson meets KILL BILL VOL 1 😂😂

  • I’m addicted to this song,but at least it’s a good addiction.

  • What a refreshing take on an oldie fr another iconic strong woman - Cher!!! 💜


  • An absolute musical legend!

  • i would love the hear a duett with adele and gaga that would be more than amazing

  • This style of singing is reminding me of Amy Winehouse...

  • 😎🎀❣️

  • ❤️


  • sheezus kryst why am i just finding this!!!???? 😍

  • Des frissons à la fin

  • Omg 😭

  • I little monster, would like to see mother monster to sing “le temps des cathedrales by bruno pelleteir” 🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻notice her guys and spam her on twitter

  • 2020 Quarantine Marathon. Who's here?

  • I love this 😍❤

  • Gaga por dior, es un canal de música, es tan pero tan increíble, me hipnotiza.

  • Brilliant❤

  • Dalida ♡

  • Excelent

  • can't understand that cher/michael jackson-costume, but this is a new jazz version and she did it really, really good!!

    • @Robin Vigil Oh and I thought it was written by Cher! Thanks

    • I imagine it’s because the song was written by Sonny Bono for Cher to sing, so it’s probably a nod to Cher....

  • she's giving me Amy Winehouse vibes here

  • Ojala te guste mi version casera de "At Last" de Etta James. Gracias por suscribirte ♥

  • she is just unique...

  • This is honestly my absolute favourite rendition of 'My baby shot me down' originally by Nancy Sinatra. Can't even describe this as a "cover" because Lady Gaga made it her own. I also fucking love the instrumentals. Bless those musicians' hearts.

    • @Yeshii yes, but that tells you Sonny wrote a hit enough that another artist wanted to cover it before the year was out.🙂🎵

    • Ohh okay. I was confused because both their release dates were on 66.

    • Sony Bono wrote it, Cher sang it before Nancy. 🎵

  • I watched kill bill vol. 1 and found this. That's true.

  • Scorching jazz and vocals...gave me chills. Love it all

  • ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • eu fico toda arrepiada, ave maria

  • yaaas

  • These pipes are so legit.

  • I can see Liz Gillies doing this with no smiles

  • her tone is just so crisp. this is an amazing performance wow.

  • QUEEN !!!

  • That voice.


  • Perfect performance

  • L ♥️

  • O ♥️

  • V ♥️

  • E ♥️

  • petition for this on Spotify

  • barf

  • I would llike to know ... when and where was that...???

  • Her perfonmanse is so great but When it was..?

  • Absolutely nailed it

  • Swell!

  • I need this on spotify 😩😩😩

  • her look reminds me of when cher did west side story as a one woman show

  • Che interpretazione! Che arrangiamento!

  • What an ugly Voice and Outfit. 🙄

    • bitter

  • Coded:Loaded:2 Seconds before Sky Lab lost battery power:: Un-known Zip


  • Down,down,down,down... turutu rutur turu rururu

  • Perfection to the 10th power!!

  • ~>`)~~~

  • She sure does love that applause 🥰😍🤩

  • ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️

  • i love her but sometimes she scream too much where she doesnt have to

  • Not possible not to be fan!

  • A passionate life whose fault was it, and does any one really care. Jazz changes all of that a strange, apothecary, of tears mixed with blood.

  • The best Bend Beng

  • This girl is gifted with a voice that she can handle so well!!!

  • Remember Lisa Minnelli

  • Musical withaut autentic emotion.....sorry not like is technic not thru feeling I need more

  • I still have shivers to this day listening to her high notes. Her voice here is phenomenal.

  • Wow! She's really awesome!!

  • This looks and feels like a jazzy version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • Ummm iconic

  • First time I thought i should go to concerts of American singer.

  • I love Jazz